The sales funnel has been a part of traditional business and marketing for past decades. But presently, it seems the subject of utilizing sales funnel in internet business is springing up everywhere in the web. The actual truth is that people want to have a full knowledge of the marketing concept and how it can be used in running their own online business.

Sales funnel, what does it entail?

A sales funnel is not a real funnel. The term “funnel” here, simply means to assist in visualizing and explaining the sales process from start to finish. Due to its enlarged entry for potential customers at the top and a much narrower opening for converted sales at the bottom, the term funnel is the most suitable comparison.

At the entrance to the sales funnel, are people to be considered as “unqualified prospects”; they are people who could need your goods or services, but you have never contacted them. At the end of the funnel are sealed deals on the products or services as well as a purchase made. One other reason that makes the concept of a funnel more effective is that it makes it possible to evaluate your potential prospects at various stages during the sales process.

Making use of the sales funnel, guarantees a number of qualified individuals at each point of the process, as it is possible to be anxious on a number of upcoming customers to become actual customers.

A sales funnel will show you the exact situation of your sales and you can deduce from the outcome to know if it is failing or succeeding, or if your traffic isn’t getting enough number of upcoming customers along the process.

This piece of information permits you to select your focus point and work harder so as to maintain sales at the necessary level and fulfill your marketing objectives. It is used as a method to measure and manage the customer’s sales.

The sales funnel is really an orderly marketing process which is used to strategically lead your upcoming customers into becoming actual customers as well as transforming them into ready to spend customers.

Your customer base is being measured as your net profit increases because you have given higher priced goods and services to your ready to spend customers at the bottom of the funnel. There are different types of marketing funnels which can be very simple to extremely complicated in their design but they all have a top and a bottom. The future client becomes “qualified” once they agree to your terms.


The top of your sales funnel is said to be the most active area of the process and it needs the most continuous exercises. You will find out almost all limitless front-end techniques by making good use of your resources and creativity. For your top to bottom to be effective, you must be able to direct an aimed traffic to your website, blog or squeeze page. The most effective methods and resources for doing this are PPC advert, social media, blogging, forum posting and much more. The primary goal of the front-end is to get future clients and transform them into buyers as they go through the sales process.

This is the point at which the "unqualified client" becomes a qualified client because they have taken drastic action in purchasing your goods or services. You will discover that there are many tools that can be used to "qualify" the "unqualified prospect". One of such effective method is the use of a squeeze page. This is a place whereby one can give away something of real value that is of importance to your goods or services that people could get for free or at a very low price for the exchange of their names and email addresses. The products given away vary from the newsletter, video, e-books, much more.


The bottom of the sales funnel is where the main sales and profits take place. It often contains your extreme priced products. Simply, these would be important to the same niche but delivered in a distinct way like audio, video, live communication or private consultation.

The primary difference between the top and bottom is the type of client they possess as well as the price or the product or the kind of service that is being rendered.

In essence, the top of the sales funnel is where people are drawn before getting into your sales funnel.  In essence, the top of the sales funnel is where people are drawn before getting into your sales funnel. Find more information on 9 great tips.

As soon as your customers have reached the bottom of your sales funnel, they have not only collected your free gifts, free valuable information, but they have also bought your basic product or service and because they liked it so much, they are eager to buy more from you. Although, it is a matter of fact, true, that just a small percentage of 1 to 2% from the total number of people entering your top sales funnel will eventually finish up at the bottom sales of the funnel. This is fine because this selected few will be investing the much larger amount of money.

In essence, top products and services may cost below $100, bottom products and services are typically priced I the range of 100s or 1000s. This makes the bottom of the sales funnel the main source of income for your internet business as it is also the most predictable and strong area in the sales process.

As mentioned earlier, the sales funnel can either be simple or complex as required by your creativity or resources. The information here has been pointed out to you at the simplest of form. I hope you found it helpful in knowing the total sales funnel of an internet marketing strategy.